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阿诺德3.0.3破解版 中文汉化R19版本-C4D阿诺德渲染器 SolidAngle C4DtoA 3.0.3 R19/R20/R21/R22 Win替换破解版 阿诺德破解版

说明:阿诺德3.0.3支持R19-R22  请注意,其中只有R19有中文汉化包。该版本中文汉化包由魔网友汉化提供。感谢他的分享。


Arnold (C4DtoA)阿诺德是一款高级的蒙特卡洛光线追踪渲染器,专为长篇动画和视觉效果的要求而编写,不再支持C4D R18,增加支持C4D R22,全新Arnold内核,

New USD procedural
New value shader
New string replace operator
Cubic inverse camera radial distortion
Lens tilt controls
Lens shift controls

USD export
Default maketx options in the Tx Manager
Tx Manager improvements
New auto tx button on the IPR toolbar
AOV presets in the IPR
AOV presets moved
Custom debug shaders in the IPR
Debug shaders in the render settings
Hair instances
Background mask
RGB object mask
Use the object name in newly created object mask tags
Automatically add AOVs when creating custom AOV and object mask tags
Automatically add custom AOV from an aov_write shader
Copy AOVs from the display driver when a new driver is created
User defined OSL include paths
Use instance cache on the alembic procedural
Autodesk Desktop Analytics Program (ADP)

1563 Color inputs are not converted when OCIO color manager is used
1576 IPR does not update correctly when the color manager changes
1596 Crash when changing to a render settings with custom color manager in the IPR
1598 Corrupt OCIO color space when switching between render settings
1574 Do not export color manager to procedural ASS file
1587 Plugin occasionally hangs on Threadripper 3 3970x
1588 Anisotropy in standard_surface is disabled when type is randomwalk v2
1595 Camera filtermap is not exported
1529 Ortho camera specified in the Arnold tag does not match the viewport
1599 IPR does not update when clamp sample values is disabled
1573 $res token does not work in the Arnold driver path
1566 Search textures in subfolders does not work for procedurals
1593 ‘options: could not read INT parameter “render_device”‘ warning in log on Mac


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