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The Think Particle Camera Tools:

The Think Particle Camera Tools preset comes with 3 powerful camera rigs designed to help you setup your animations for wonderful cinematography. The rigs included are the camera dolly, the turntable camera, and the camera switcher. These three presets are going to help you achieve fantastic animations and work smarter through your complex projects.

The Camera Dolly:

CameraRigs_DollyThe Camera Dolly has two modes to move a camera from one point to another without need for a single keyframe. The first mode is the point to point mode. This is for direct Position and Rotation input for start and end points. The second mode is the target mode. This mode will reference two objects. The camera will then move between these two points inheriting their position and rotation values.

The Turntable Camera:

CameraRigs_TurntableThe Turntable Camera will rotate around your scene. With the ability to set the turntable to spin in a continuous or single motion you may rotate forever or once. You can set the rotation to rotate based on an easy ease spline curve or you can check a box and have the rotation spin linearly.

The Camera Switcher:

CameraRigs_SwitcherSwitching between cameras has never been this easy. You can add up to 10 cameras and cycle between them with an animatable slider. This will allow you setup complex camera animations and shots quickly, easily, and more! This tool will help you to focus on what you’re looking at, not how you’re look at it.

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